Transactional Management

Moving assets between companies

Transactional Management

At CTH we understand the risks involved in moving assets between companies.

We understand the continuous process of checks and balances required to ensure a professional and smooth transaction and apply ourselves to stringent cash flow and risk management principles.

We project manage each deal with a sense of urgency maintaining efficient channels of communication with all parties concerned and ensuring the financial aspects of the deal are properly controlled.

Our service offerings extend to vehicle appraisals as we endeavor to give fair values and reports on product and product history. On further request from our clients we will apply a 102-point vehicle inspection at one of our Dealer or OEM partner workshops to measure if major repairs or maintenance is required. On this basis both buyer and seller have fair expectation regarding the transaction.

CTH has FAIS accredited representatives that are able to assist you with finance.

CTH has prearrangements with Dealers and Manufacturers in South Africa and access to large volumes of quality used commercial vehicles selling at fair value with adequate life for profitable utilization. With our extensive end user contacts and passion for the commercial vehicle business, CTH bridge the gap in the market – making more deals happen in a professional and seamless way.